What is PlusLiss?


Tratamiento Alisador del Cabello PlusLiss

It is a capillary treatment based on Carbocisteine and Keratin allowing a temporary change in the hair structure. It delivers the following results:

  • Control of volume and reduction of frizz
  • Straight hair easy to style
  • Bright and natural appearance

With PLUSLISS, you can achieve your dream of having straight hair without resorting to techniques that damages the hair structure. There is a loss of vigour in the capillary fibre when Keratin, the main protein making up the hair, loses its protective and regenerative function on coming under attack by traditional and aggressive straightening treatments based on formaldehyde, thioglycolate and hydroxides.


Nowadays, it is usual for many hair treatments such as decolouring, straightening, curling, etc., to be more than aggressive to the hair, and changes its internal structure. Moreover, during daily care, hairdryers and straightening irons are used all too often. This causes the cuticle to open, giving rise to dryness, fragility and porosity, making the hair brittle and lifeless. Apart from the temporary straightening action, PLUSLISS affords the necessary Keratin for total reconstruction of the hair, leaving it healthy and protected. It also causes a reduction in volume and the removal of frizz.